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 Covered by many national media venues, I have spoken to packed stadiums, trained some of the top athletes in the world, and now I am offering you the same expertise to give you a renewed sense of the energy and health possible in your own life.
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Working with Serena at University of Georgia

The Bryan Brothers
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Meetings.  Reports.  Timelines.  Deadlines.  Phone Calls.
You've Got Enough Pain And Pressure In Your Life.
Don't Add To The Pain By Sitting Down As You Work Out.  Reverse It.

Your Fitness Routine: More Harm Than Good?

How do most people typically work out? They sit.  Spinning?  Seated. Rowing?  Seated.  Leg, chest, back machines?  All seated.  The hours we spend seated -at a desk and now at the gym-weaken our bodies. 

We need a new understanding of exercise and  our bodies:  our real core, our ability to rotate, balance, and move with strength and confidence.

You might be saying that it's  better than nothing.  Only walking is better than nothing.

All that sitting, as you know by now, is killing you.  

Is it any wonder why your back is achy, your muscles are sore, and your joints are creaky? 

You're supposed to be curing yourself of all that sitting you do at work, and you wind up doing more sitting.  

You know you need something different.

You need HalfHourPower.

Client Testimonials

What Other's Are Saying

These workouts have been the only program after my nine knee surgeries that has allowed me to enjoy the sports I love.  I thought hockey, skiing and tennis would be a thing of the past, however, through HalfHourPower I can confidently say my knees are stronger than ever.  I only wish I knew of this program 15 years ago.

- Ehlias 

HalfHourPower is an extremely effective and efficient workout to strengthen your back and core to prevent injuries.  It has improved my performance in other activities I enjoy, especially running and skiing.  My glutes, hips and oblique muscles are always sore which tells me I am working hard.  I've seen great results.


HalfHourPower is like nothing else I've ever done in terms of strengthening my back and core and toning my butt and hamstrings.  I have seen incredible results.


The Only Pain You Have At Work Should Be Your Boss
Every one of them works your whole body, reversing the effects of all that SITTING you do at your job.  Click the button below for just a few:
Here's Some of What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:

  • Flexibility: The Fountain of Youth
    As the years have gone by, you've probably noticed that your body feels less limber than it used to.  That's just a natural part of getting older, right?  Wrong.
    Proper stretching can keep you looking and feeling your best as the years go by.  It all starts with the hips.
  • Shoulder the Load
    The shoulder is the most mobile of all your joints.  Over time, pain and stiffness increase primarily because the shoulder is not strong enough.  Tendons in the shoulder also dry out faster than the tendons do in any other part of the body.
    These exercises are designed to stretch all four of your rotator cuff muscles and keep your shoulders limber. 
  • Fix Your Back, Fix Your Body
    Many people believe back pain is synonymous with getting older.  But it doesn't have to be that way, as exercising your back correctly can actually strengthen it and eliminate the pain you're experiencing.   Perform these exercises and you'll soon realize how quickly your back -- and your whole body-- is feeling better.
  • Push with the Gut, Pull with the Butt
    Your gut and your butt are vital to your overall fitness and well being.  Why?  Because they're directly attached to your hips, they're the foundation of your body's core.  Ironically, your gut and your butt are largely ignored by most workouts because  the exercises are all performed sitting down or lying down.  You live and play in a standing position; you need to train that way.
  • Elevate Your Core Values
    Why would you lie on your back to train your core? These exercises are designed to help you develop a strong and stable core by letting core muscles work in conjunction with your arms and legs.  These exercises will help you in every aspect of standing functional movement, including flexibility, balance, agility, and strength.
  • Lower the Boom
    As you get older the worst thing you can do for your joints is lift weights.  Especially doing lunges and squats.  What if you can do lunges, squats and some exercises you have never seen before without the wear and tear on the joints?  This is especially important when you're working on your lower torso.
  • No Ifs, Ands, or Butts
    Sure, we sit on it -- some people even sit on it when they're working out, and that's the problem.  It's your butt and it's the most powerful muscle in your body;  it's what  propels you forward.  Performing these exercises  will help you activate your hips and butt and move more comfortably in your everyday life.
  • On the Road Doesn't Mean Out of Options
    Travel is likely a part of your success, and success is likely fueled by your travel schedule.  But traveling doesn't mean you have to revert to the hotel gym if you want to give yourself something resembling a workout.  I have a number of different workouts you can do.  Better yet, these workouts can be done in just 15 minutes.  So you won't have to miss a meeting or your next flight.
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Your life is booked morning, noon, and night.  There's work, family, travel, and too many other commitments to count.  You've got so much on your mind, you have to do more calculations in a minute than IBM's Watson computer does in a week.

You know you need to exercise, but you also know you need something different.

HalfHourPower is more than a name; It's a description of a program that took me years to develop, a program that makes the most of your busy schedule. What's more, your body will feel the effects of this new workout for hours afterward, as you'll have more energy to take part in everything else you have to do during the day.

HalfHourPower:  It's about time.

Client Testimonials

What Other's Are Saying

After doing the routine, my entire back, from my shoulders to my hamstrings, feels strong, stretched, and flexible.  It's amazing each time I do it, and the effects keep adding up.  

- Nili

HalfHourPower is the only thing that keeps me pain free.  In addition to increasing my shoulder's range of motion, it's toning my back, arms, abs and legs.


Incredibly low impact on the body.  The resistance band work we do takes an immense amount of stress off of my joints and bones.  My body has never been healthier or felt better.


At age 57, I can ski harder, faster and longer than I ever have before, not to mention attacking those steep uphills on my runs - and I still feel great the next day.  Howard's workouts allow me to maintain high level cardiovascular conditioning while building strength, agility and stability.

- Claude

I have chronic lower backache, but the vigorous whole body exercise I get with the emphasis on flexibility, controlled movement, and back and core strength, helps me get through every day pain free.


An extremely effective and efficient workout to strengthen your back and core to prevent injury.  It has improved my performance in other activities I enjoy, especially running and skiing.


Exclusive Offer -  Get Howard's New Book For Free - Just Pay The Shipping & Handling ...